What is her favorite diamond shape?

What is her favorite diamond shape?

Finding out her favorite diamond shape when buying an engagement ring is key - especially when you want to keep the element of surprise.

We think that finding a way to hint without giving it away could be the way to go,The following methods never getting old; flip through a magazine together or look on Pinterest and have an open discussion about what you and she like about certain rings and what you don’t.Another way is to talk about so and so who got engaged and look at their social media post and try to learn what ring shape she wears just so it helps you two to get into talk about the ring.

Some are lucky enough to know what shape already just because their future fiancé made sure they will know.Some are building a good starter relationship with the future in laws so they can flat out ask for their daughter’s hand when the time is right but also have the chance to learn if mom knows what her daughter likes the most.

Which ever route or advice you ll follow- buying a diamond for an engagement ring for the one you love is an unforgettable and very sentimental experience.

If all efforts were made and you still aren’t sure then your safest bet is.... the Round Brilliant Cut ,It is bar none the classiest of all with more fire and brilliance per facet like no other diamond ,yes it is higher in price point compared with other shapes due to a larger  weight loss from the original rough crystal and the higher demand than other shapes is what keep this shape high up there in price but lets face it -it is simply timeless traditional and incredibly pretty.For centuries designing rings ,earrings and other jewels was always evolving around the Round brilliant and the geometry behind a round shape is unarguably larger in diameter when compared to square shapes.Wait we are not saying this is the only shape to consider however when in doubt it would be our number one choice.

Our number two choice is ..... yes the Oval cut! There are many reasons to love the oval , the main one is the fact it is an elongated shape and tends to give you that bigger look.Bigger is better with diamonds but as long as quality is not being compromised.

Number three choice according to our own internal research is the Cushion cut.Cushion got its name for reminding us a pillow or a cushion. It is a slightly rectangle shape (still part of the square family) and with rounded corners it holds a soft edges and very crispy look with a very similar fire and brilliance that exists with the Round brilliant cuts.

Ovals Cushions and really any “fancy” shape ate going to cost less than the round brilliant cuts when compared in the same size color and clarity.

There are so many other shapes to consider and we love them all please review our Shape guide and see if it can assist you with this fun and exciting process.